On Wednesday 1st March, year 5 went to Think Tank in Birmingham to help develop their understanding of the science topic: Earth, Moon and Sun and to explore technologies of the future. When we arrived we were swiftly directed into an amazing exhibition of automatons created by Rowland Emett. The children were completely wowed by the intricate metal structures and how all the cogs and wheels caused the models to move. I would highly recommend a visit to the exhibition as it contains brilliant moving pieces and models created by students and well known artists; there was even a secret fairy hidden in the exhibition, which the children managed to spot! We then went into the planetarium, and sat back in our seats staring up at a huge dome that had images of our solar system and the night sky projected up on it. This was fascinating to watch and many misconceptions about our solar system were explained here. After this we explored the outside science garden, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We spent the rest of the afternoon enriching our understanding of the human body by exploring the “all about me” gallery. The children had a super day and learnt so much from exploring the exhibits. I need to say a huge thank you to the children for their impeccable manners and behaviour; once again, we had members of the public stop us and tell us how kind, thoughtful and polite our children have been. In particular, Tom Cooper was singled out by a lovely young mum, for being incredibly kind and helpful with her son who wanted to play with some of the exhibits that the Denstone children were interacting with. Well done, you all make us very proud!

Miss MacKenzie