Year 5 visited Snibston Discovery Centre, near Coalville to continue their studies of geography and rocks.  Following a tour by a former miner learning all about how coal was extracted from mines, the children became detectives themselves as they cleverly solved clues and followed various lines of enquiry to discover a number of different rocks.

The remainder of the day was spent exploring the centre and discovering many things, old and new.  They were interested to learn how televisions used to have to be tuned in rather than merely plugged in like nowadays.  Their faces were full of amazement and interest as they enquisitively asked, “Whats that?” pointing to many ‘artefacts’ on display.  The picture on their faces was almost matched with the dejected faces of the teachers as they forlornly all stood and answered “a Walkman, a MegaDrive, a record player.” The pride of seeing these happy memories from our childhoods soon faded when the children began pointing and asking what the old relics were!

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