This week 5Mc had their assembly in chapel. We decided to do an assembly about heroes; what a hero is and who their heroes are. We also chose to incorporate this month’s value of humour too. We started with a scene familiar to most children at some time; a group of pupils struggling to do their homework. They asked for help and along came a number of super heroes. First we had The Ghost Busters, but there were no ghosts or ghouls to destroy, just maths and more maths! Then Wonder Woman spun by to help out, but maths wasn’t her best subject. Finally Superman flew in, after rescuing a cat from a tree, but again he couldn’t think past the two times table! Then a group of children came along and explained how to their maths homework, making them the “heroes of the hour”. We learnt that heroes don’t come in fancy costumes with super powers, we all have the potential to be a hero; we just need to help.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the children for learning their lines so quickly and performing so brilliantly and confidently in chapel. You were all amazing!

I also want to thank the parents who had to source or make costumes; the children looked fantastic.