Year 4 had a fab morning on Monday when they took a walk up to St John’s Church in Marchington Woodlands.  Mrs Emmerson-Friend had arranged for some of the church wardens and the vicar to be available for the children to talk to, along with some wonderful ladies who provided the children with drinks and biscuits (and accompanying staff with a lovely hot cup of tea!)  The children were given a history scavenger hunt and wondered around the churchyard and inside the church looking for clues that linked the history of Smallwood Manor to this wonderful church.  The children found George Arthur Hodgson’s gravestone and links to Thomas Webb who lived on the Estate of Smallwood Manor and generously built the church in memory of his wife (for the community of Marchington Woodlands).  The children learned that in the past, when Smallwood was a boys only school (and a boarding school) the children would have to walk to this church many times during the week up until Smallwood’s own chapel was built.

“I liked the biscuits and juice, they were yummy!  The ladies were very nice.”  Seb

“I learned that Thomas Webb built Marchington Woodlands Church in memory of his wife.”  Leo

“The vicar told me the robes had different meanings and that the green one is for every service, but the red and white ones have to be a special event for him to wear it.”  Harry

Thank you to Reverend John Jukes, Graham Salt and the rest of the team for their time and kindness, they provided us all with some wonderful and interesting facts about their church.