Today Year 4’s were involved in a science experiment to help sort out some solids.  Mrs Wason had been up to mischief this morning and made such a mess mixing different types of solids together in lots of bowls.  The children had to find the best equipment suitable to separate the substances so that Mrs Emmerson-Friend could return the separate solids to the science lab.  Examples of the mixtures were flour and paper clips, sand and pebbles, lentils and flour, sand and pasta, marbles and sand, gravel and sand and lots of other mixtures … What a mess!  They used lots of different equipment to help them separate the substances like sieves, soil sieves, magnets, colanders and whilst, thankfully, they managed to separate the mixtures it was great fun making lots of mess too!  As well as experimenting with the most suitable equipment they also made mistakes choosing the wrong type of equipment and were able to understand why their equipment didn’t work … this was such a “hands on” way for them all to learn!  As with all science experiments the children had to write up their results and understand the science behind what they have been doing.