Wow, what a great science experiment the children had to plan and perform today! Continuing their work with temperature, the challenge was for the children to plan an experiment to try to cool down a cup of tea as fast as they could without adding anything to the tea.  They were provided with many different materials (metal, cardboard, plastic, wood etc.) and containers (trays, bowls, cups, teapots etc.) that they could use to pour the tea into and try to cool it down.  The children measured the temperature at the beginning and at the end of the experiment to determine which group came up with the experiment that cooled the tea to the lowest temperature.  During this process we looked at the science behind the experiment and discussed why they chose the equipment they chose.  There were some interesting experiments including one group who extended their experiment outside the classroom (by putting their bowls onto the window ledge outside), some great work Year 4!  (Of course there were a few spillages (!) but what experiment doesn’t have its hiccups.)

dsc_1310 dsc_1303