Wow!  We have had a wonderful day today basking in the glorious sunshine!  One of our activities was “Team Challenges” where the children had four different challenges and they had to work together to try to get to the end result.

One of the favourites was a fun game of stepping stones where they needed to get their team from one side of a ‘smelly, gooey swamp’ (an area of grass) to the other side of the ‘swamp’ using six stepping stones (short planks of wood).  They weren’t allowed to let go of any of the stones and if they did, it would be lost to the swamp.   With great communication and listening  most teams managed to get to the other side, few of them, however were able to bring the whole team or all their stones back with them!

Another great challenge was the electric bridge, which really wasn’t electric but had different coloured electrical cables running along planks of wood.  The children had to put the wood together and ensure that the cables matched.  This was much trickier than it looked!

The children worked well together and realised that panicking and rushing and shouting all at once was not the way forward and began to listen, respect and communicate better with each other.  Well done Year 4!

Quote of the day:

Activity Leader:  “What else do you think that we need to do as a team?”

Pupil: “Listen?”

Activity Leader:  “Yes, someone has just mentioned that one!”

Pupil:  “Oh, sorry, I didn’t hear her”