After a super supper….

Last night Year 4 had a mission … they were tasked with getting a raw egg (spaceman) to the planet Mars using only a plastic water bottle with “fins”, a paper bag, some cellotape, a paper napkin a single egg carton and a paper cup.  The mission was not only to launch the spaceman into the air but to get him/her back to the ground safely.  The children were imaginative with their designs and spent a good hour designing and planning their rocket ships.  Then was the time for launching and each team brought forward their spaceships for “blast off”.  The children chose how much water to place into the ship and then used an air pump to push air above the water into the rocket using pressure to launch their spaceship.

We were amazed at the height that these bottles got as they left earth and laughed as they came back down to the ground (some with a bit of a bump).  It was fun finding out whether the spaceman (egg) had survived!  Most of the eggs actually did survive the trip which was a credit to their planning.

Whilst it was a fun project, we also learned lots about pressure, friction and aerodynamics!