Year 4 Trip to The National Memorial Arboretum – 8th November 2016

We had an unforgettable trip today to the National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas.   Our day started with a special service in the Millennium Chapel. Here we were told about why November 11th and Remembrance Sunday are such important dates and we respected the two-minute silence following “The Last Post”.  The children looked neat and tidy in their uniforms and I overheard a lady comment on how smart and well behaved they were during the short service we attended.

We were then taken to the classrooms where we learnt the meaning of Arboretum, did some research on the types of jobs that personnel had in the war and how their jobs were recognised by their armbands.  We made our own armbands and the children presented to the rest of the class what these jobs involved and how hard they were.  This was followed by a thought-provoking workshop where we took apart a Royal Legion paper poppy and tried to put them together with only one hand, or closing our eyes.  This led on to us thinking about those service men and women, who lost limbs or were blinded.

Following lunch we were lucky enough to have two volunteer guides take us around just a small area of the 90-acre site.  During the guided tour, we were able to place the large pebbles (that the children had decorated yesterday in memory of those on the Smallwood Manor Roll of Honour and those relatives or friends that they wished to remember) in the “pebble cairn” Post Office Memorial.  We visited various memorials and we were invited to take part in our own remembering service where the children recalled the names on the Roll of Honour and read a poignant poem to commemorate our reason for being there.

We would again like to thank Mrs Edmunds who volunteered to come and help with this trip and the volunteers at the NMA who provided us with a great workshop and outstanding tour at the National Memorial Arboretum.

We Will Remember Them.

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