Year 4’s maths revision today was extremely hands-on, looking at measuring areas, estimating, calculating and looking at angles.  The classes were split into four groups looking at; number bonds, measuring perimeters, large measuring, looking at angles.

The children enjoyed using metre rules, large tape measures, rulers  to measure lengths, they also tried to estimate the lengths of the areas they were measuring and worked out the perimeters of the area.  There were lots of games of pontoon going on in the classroom to help children with their number bonds and mental addition, some of the children felt Mr Middleton was far too lucky (did he have marked cards!? … surely not?!!)  There was a group outside measuring large areas, and whilst the morning was relatively dry there were a few children who got a little damp!  The final group had fun with sticks with different colour ends playing dominoes and revising angles (looking at right angles, obtuse and acute angles).  This was a fun Maths Day and revision lesson, well done Year 4!