Last night was our last night at Ilam Hall and the children settled down to sleep very quickly indeed (must have been all that racing around and the fact that we spent a large amount of the day outside).  So, the majority of children needed to be woken up this morning to start their day at 7am.  We’d changed, eaten breakfast and cleared our rooms (with a few minutes to spare to play outside) by 9.30am to start the morning’s activities.

Our last day in Ilam was once again terrific both with weather and content!  We had two activities planned with Rangers from the National Park and you will find these activities written up as separate articles as there was so much going on!

The children have been outstanding both in their behaviour towards each other but also towards the staff at Ilam Hall, they made us very proud to be with them!

I would like to thank the YHA at Ilam Hall for making us all feel so welcome and for attending to all our needs, it is a place I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful place to stay for walks and scenic landscapes.

Finally (as a parent and TA) I would like to thank the Mrs E-F, Miss Hart, Miss Winfield and our Year 4 children!  Mrs Emmerson Friend and Miss Hart especially, as this trip would not have happened without them, their love and passion for outdoor learning really does rub off on children and staff!  The children, as always provided lots of laughter, fun and enthusiasm and it was a pleasure to be away with them all, they really are an asset to the school.

By now, all the children should be home with their parents and no doubt will be having a well deserved early night!  Here are a few photos to make you smile as we have done over the past three days!