As part of their John Muir Award, our Year 4 children went on a mammoth walk with Mrs Emmerson Friend, Miss Hart and their TAs this morning.  They started at Smallwood Manor and wandered up to the church heading south towards Buttermilk Hill.

As they walked, the children were discovering and observing nature; finding lots of bugs, wild plants and flowers and enjoying being out in the open.  Year 4 helped with the conservation of the footpaths by picking litter as they went along, they managed to pick up at least two bin bags full of rubbish that people has discarded.

Buttermilk Hill was a hard hill to walk up but there was no complaining from the children.  They walked through Bagots Park and continued onto the Staffordshire Way for 3km before veering north east back to Smallwood Manor completing a large loop of the area.  The walk was at least 10km and the children did well to complete it.  Some of the children showed an interest in where they were on the map whilst others were just happy to walk and take in the views.  There was a point where a trainer was almost lost to the mud, but, luckily everyone and their kit arrived back to school safe and sound for afternoon lessons (albeit a little muddy).

Well done Year 4.  Next week they will be sharing their outdoor exploring, discovering and conservation experiences with Pre-Prep 1 so maybe not such a trek for them.