The Year 4 children have been signed up to the John Muir Award scheme which is so exciting for them.  Today they learnt more about what the initiative is all about and hopefully they will be able to tell you about what they have learnt and what an influence John Muir has been in the conservation process.  In short the John Muir scheme helps individuals discover areas of wildlife, explore the area,  protect and conserve these areas and share what they have been doing.

Today was the children’s planning stage where they took a short walk (in the pouring rain) and explored some of the areas surrounding our school so that they can plan a longer walk for next week (using their orienteering skills).  Year 4 are planning which area to discover and explore and how they can enjoy these wildlife areas, they will look at what part they can play in the conservation process and will be sharing their discoveries with some children in Pre-Prep.

As you can see from the various photos, today was wet, fun and the children showed a very positive attitude in the wet weather conditions.  Please can you continue to ensure that your child has appropriate clothing/equipment for these walks e.g. waterproofs (tops and bottoms), walking boots (or wellingtons), sunhats, sun cream (although the latter was definitely not needed today!).