Glitter has entered the classroom, the Christmas season is upon us!

Glitter flake science      Snowflake making Science

We were creating a ‘Solids and Liquids’ display. Glitter can behave a bit like a liquid but is definitely a solid (just in a very small form)! We also considered changing state from a liquid to a solid, an excellent example was provided by the PVA glue we used to make our snowflakes.

DSCN1144Solids and Liquids blog gp shot

Whilst we played with glitter, the real work going on in the classroom was to see if different substances dissolve. We tested 10 substances and classified them as either soluble or insoluble.

A key question was: Why doesn’t jelly dissolve in cold water?

So if there are lots of requests for jelly for tea you know why: it’s all in the name of science!