Just a quick update from Year 4.


Coming from Year 4 last week you may have heard tales of dragon detection and secret paths in the woods. I just wanted to confirm that it is all true. There were no actual sightings of said dragon but we could tell from the smoke in the air that he was not too far away. We all worked to create inventions to protect the little people who live there. We created early warning alarms, escape tunnels and decoy homes. The inventors had to explain how their creations worked. This tied in well with the launch of our explanation text unit of work in English.

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Additionally in Geography we were creating ‘table top maps’. Quite literally we arranged duplo bricks to create and area on our tables. We then mapped this ‘lego land’ in our books. The real test will be when I ask the groups to recreate someone else’s duplo area using only their map! Luckily I have photos for reference!