Our Game:  After break today Years 3 and 4 got together again to work with their buddies.  They played a great warm up game of “1,2,3 Where Are You?”  This is where the children scatter themselves all over the grounds to find the best hiding place; The seekers count to 30 then race around to find as many of the hiders as they can.  It was a great game and they just HAD to play it again because they loved it so much!!

Our Craft:  Then came the tricky bit … concentrating and working within an hour to find and decorate a wand.  The children really got into this project and, as you can see from the photos, each wand design was very different and unique.

Our Help:  The Year 4’s were brilliant at helping our Year 3 children with some tricky sticking and bending, and our Year 3’s were great at asking their buddies for help where they needed it … just what these sessions are about!

Our Wishes: The last thing that was needed was a wish … the teachers asked the children to make just one personal wish for their future at Smallwood, their wish would remain private if they so chose and they could wish for anything.  Some examples from last year’s wishes were: to get into a certain team; to win an art prize; to get into the choir; to learn a musical instrument or get 20 credits and (hopefully!!) 0 debits.

Lets hope their wishes this year come true!