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We like to get outdoors as much as possible in Year 3 and maths is a great lesson to do in the woods. ‘Pirate maths’ makes place value and estimating lots of fun. The children were tasked with finding leaves with ‘the black spot’ which they then used for place value and ordering, and the following day they had to collect their ‘pirate hoard’ (conkers, acorns, sycamore seeds etc.) from the cedars and then use them for estimating and counting in sensible groups. At the end of the lesson the children faced a challenge ‘The Leafy Tower of Hanoi.’ Would they be able to move three leaves from one grid to another following strict rules? They eventually managed to do it in 7 moves, very impressive! Finally, the pirate treasure (a jar of skittles) went to the child with the closest estimate….well done Pirate Alfie!!!