Form 3 were not sure what to expect this morning when they were told that they would be sampling some ‘Aztec’ foods. Considering that last week we had spent the lesson finding out about some of the yuckier things the Aztecs were partial to (monkeys, ants, pond scum, dogs, maggots to name a few), I was not totally surprised to find that only a few children put their hands up for a blindfolded taste test!! Well done to brave Evan and Jessica who put themselves forward for this daring feat!



After the blindfolded test all of the children had a chance to sample the foods on offer. Many of them found that they actually liked the foods they were unsure of such as papaya and avocado. Nearly all of them loved the chocolate spiced with chilli peppers, particularly the fiery kick at the back of the tongue! Having tasted the foods the children then carried out a questionnaire which will be used in maths next week to create a frequency table and bar chart.

DSC01346      DSC01330

I was not so cruel as to make them eat maggots and toads, but they did enjoy the worms (jelly, of course!)