IMG_0670Pre-Prep worked very hard to prepare an exciting assembly on Candlemas. They started by IMG_0666talking about the different things that give us light, for example the Moon and stars at night. This led onto Vincent Van Gogh and his painting ‘Starry Night.’ After showing their versions of this famous picture, the children acted a play about Van Gogh in France. They showed us how he was helped by Camille and his family but teased by the other people in the village. This was a sad time in Van Gogh’s life but fortunately we know that IMG_0671his pictures are now loved throughout the world.


After singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ the second part of the assembly concentrated on candles and how they are used in many different ways. February 2nd is the feast of Candlemas and the children acted out Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem to say thank you to God. They met Simeon and Anna in the temple and were amazed at the things that these two people said.


All the children spoke clearly, acted confidently, sang beautifully and organised themselves very well.

I was very proud of them all.