Year 3 camped over on Friday evening, joined by members of their family and what a wonderful time was had by all!

We swam; played; lit the fire; played; ate sausages & beans cooked over the fire; played; celebrated Max’s mum’s birthday with cakes; did a treasure hunt around the whole of the school grounds; explored wild usually forbidden areas; drank hot chocolate; toasted marshmallows and finally played Sardines in the dark in the Cedars with our torches before crawling into our tents for a pretty chilly night! Some dads also seemed to particularly enjoy the Kelly Kettles! Thank you to all who came and for pitching in to make it such a brilliant experience which I am sure we shall all remember for a very long time. A great idea Mr Gear! If anyone has any photos that they would like to share from the evening then please email them to me.

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