What a fantastic performance!  The children at DCPS have provided parents and staff with a wonderful Summer Serenade. Tonight’s musical composition involved all children from Year 3 up to Year 6 and what a performance we were given.

It was great to listen to all the musical pieces and let the children show us how they’ve been progressing in their music abilities. The Year 3 children with their ‘Parrot Squawking’ violin rendition really proves what the children can learn in such a short amount of time and considering the majority of them have only been playing since September they did very well. The wind band, brass band, strings and piano duets were amazing to listen to and it was lovely to see the children working so well together.

The singing, as always, was outstanding.  The choir singing ‘Pretty Little Horses’ and ‘Kumbaya’ sent goosebumps up and down arms in the audience including mine.  The children’s passion for their music was evident through the expressions on their faces and the powerful singing that came out of such young children.

All our children worked so hard to perform such a brilliant concert and each individual child should be proud of their own performance.  A massive thank you to all our music teachers at DCPS and special thanks to Mrs O’Brien for putting together such a great show.