We have the results of our recent Pupil Council Elections – Ministry of Food & Pupil Parliament

Our new Ministry of Food:

Yr 6: Max, Evan, Archie and Lola

Yr 5: Max and Louis

Yr 4: Caiomhe, Sam, Evangeline and SuShan

Yr 3: Ellen and Alfie

Meetings are on THURSDAY.

We will meet in the Library.

Dates:       Week 3              THURS 22nd Sept*
                  Week 4              29th Sept
                  Week 6              13th Oct
                  Week 12            8th Dec

*This meeting is not printed on your calendar. We will not meet on 15th Dec.


Congratulations also go to our new Pupil Parliament:-

Yr 6: Evan and George

Yr 5: Louis, Georgina and Hannah

Yr 4: Billy and Matthew

Yr 3: Charlotte and James Lee

Meetings are on WEDNESDAY.

We will meet in the Year 4 classroom.

Dates:       Week 4              28th Sept
                  Week 6              12th Oct
                  Week 12            7th Dec