This afternoon, Thursday 10th March, the PTFA will be organising an Easter hunt for questions for pre-prep in the walled garden starting from around 3.15pm. There are no fixed times for either main prep or pre-prep. Pre-prep children need an adult with them to complete the quiz either by answering questions or drawing bits of a rabbit.

For main prep we will be setting an orienteering course in the grounds which they will need to go and find the stamps using a map. They will be brought to the gym after their lessons.

All children will return to the gym with their answer sheets to collect their prize (an egg or equivalent). There’s a prize for everyone taking part regardless of how successful they are with the questions / orienteering.

We are asking for a donation of £2 per child for the event, all monies going towards the PTFA.

Thank you for attending!

Thursday 10th March 2016