Thursday 2nd March – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

Quote from a teacher: “Our aim on WBD was to engage and enjoy the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Over the course of World Book Day we transformed the school into our own wonderland. All staff and pupils had fun and showed great creativity. It was a magical day.”

Our World Book Day began with a short assembly.  Here the children were able to marvel at each other’s costumes, all of which were fun, amazing, creative and had obviously been well thought out. We read the very start of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

Following assembly, everyone returned to class and took part in Alice themed lessons prepared by their teachers.  The lessons were all based on extracts from the book.

After break each class took part in an “Alice In Wonderland” based craft session, during this time children were also decorating cakes and biscuits ready for their afternoon tea party. The cakes resembled mushrooms with lots of various edible items thrown on top.  The rectangular biscuits were made into packs of playing cards by decorating white icing with edible red/black ink pens. The crafts that each class made were inspirational and here is a list what each class created:-

  • Pre-school created hearts, big, small and sparkly. Some contained pictures of the children themselves.
  • Reception made fantastic flamingo puppets.
  • PP1’s installation was inspired by the Queen’s rose bushes being painted red. It included some delicious looking white chocolate dipped strawberries.
  • PP2 made pocket watch clock faces of all shapes and sizes. On the clock face was a grinning Cheshire Cat.
  • Year 3 made some colourful and magical “drink me” potions; let’s hope they don’t have the same effect as the potions in Wonderland!
  • Year 4 installed an imaginative garden scene that included toadstools with a rather cute caterpillar on top, an army of ‘mome raths’, as well as flowers.
  • Year 5 built tower structures with cards.
  • Year 6 made some vibrant and incredible top hats using their own creativity and individualism!

After lots of fun and a little bit of clearing up we had some lunch and set up our own “Alice Trail”.  The trail involved staging all the year group’s art and craft work so that all the children could tour the areas looking at the magnificent creations and imaginative craftwork.  The school became a very busy and vibrant Wonderland.

Unfortunately the grounds were rather too wet for us to sit outside, but the children had their very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the Dining Room.  Drinking squash and eating their cake and biscuit creations.

Thank you to all the children and teachers for such a colourful and imaginative day!

“You’re entirely bonkers.  But shall I tell you a secret?  All the best people usually are.”  Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland).