Today started with a birthday serenade to Rebecca on her 11th birthday. Breakfast was another feast for everyone before the whole class went off for a raft building session. We split into 3 teams and away they went. The good news was that the first raft into the water was the most successful! They paddled around waiting for the rest to enter the water, and enter it the did!!! First in was Jonnie, quickly followed by Josh. It was just unfortunate that they had gone in leaving their rafts in bits behind!!

However, following a well timed tackle by Nick, peace broke out over camp – Miss Bennett, after falling into the lake for the fourth time this week lost her voice. Luckily Camilla is now translating!!

The children enjoyed a range of activities this afternoon, with Emilia; Nick; Alex; Charlie completing numerous cycles on the high ropes and others off with bow and arrows (Georgina is a bit of a crack shot!!) and the others enjoying the ride of the giant swing.

Tomorrows activities range from climbing the biggest ladder ever. The teachers wish the kids luck as they keep their feet firmly on the ground!