Year 6 have had another great day at PGL.  The day started well with a serenade to Robbie on his 11th birthday before a full breakfast. We then embarked on our first session of the day – kayaking.  First into the water, literally, was Susannah.  Not that she meant to be, she was actually meant to still be in the kayak but out she fell!! It was a great session with eventually nearly everyone ending up in the lake.

Following lunch the children set off for an afternoon of ‘highs and lows’.  Some were doing challenges and problem solving on the ground whilst others were on high ropes and abseiling.  The pride on the children’s faces as they overcame their fears and achieved feats they never thought possible was a truly magical moment.

They have now had dinner, everyone is eating well with rissotto, chicken nuggets, steak pie, chips and peach crumble amongst some of the things on the menu tonight.

Right now the children are outside running about completing a ‘photo challenge’ and by the sounds of their feet as they race around the cabins, it sounds like they are continuing to have great fun.