The new term has brought along a new sport for some of the girls in Main Prep and meant revisiting a sport last studied nearly a year ago for others.  We are now all trying to master the art of Rounders.  This has meant learning a lot of new skills: hand-eye co-ordination for batting and catching; concentration when fielding: accuracy when throwing and decision-making when running.  All of the girls’ effort made deciding on team captains so much harder for Miss Bennett, Mrs Emerson-Friend and Mrs Stephenson who deliberated long and hard before deciding to appoint the following people to the role of captains:

Year 6

Captain of Rounders: Emilia Lane

Vice-Captains: Isabella Baggaley and Georgina Startin

Year 5

Captain: Charlotte Startin

Vice-Captain: Katy Naylor

Year 4

Captain: Trya

Vice-Captain: Hannah Willis

Many congratulations go to all of the girls for a  tremendous start to the term and in particular the captains and vice-captains.  We wish you all the best of luck in these roles and look forward to a great term ahead.