2203, 2017

Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations

Wow!  Mrs Betham has worked hard with the cast of last night’s show to produce an amusing and fun Junior Play. The children did so well remembering their lines, where they should be and what they should be doing.  […]

703, 2017

Year 3 Visit To Cadbury World.

What a fantastic day we had at Cadbury World today! We learnt lots about the Aztecs and how important chocolate was to them. We also got to sample some lovely chocolate. The children were a […]

103, 2017

Mr D’Arch Smith our Rainforest Explorer

Mr D’Arch Smith visited Year 3 today to tell us all about his rain forest conservation work.  The children enjoyed listening and looking at the sometimes strange, but wonderful, creatures and plants. The highlights included lemurs, […]

2901, 2017

Year 3 Science: What makes objects shiny?

Mrs Davies set Year 3 a Science challenge, to investigate what makes objects shiny?  The children held each object up and asked whether or not it was shiny. They decided that the shiny ones are not sources of light, since light is reflected off them and […]

2301, 2017

Year 3 Explore the Globe!

In our Geography lessons, Year 3 have discovered the continents and oceans of world. With our learning partners, we explored the globes and an atlas to locate and record our findings. For fun, each group then used the interactive whiteboard […]

1701, 2017

Forest School in the Snow.

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic forest school lesson in the snow. First they explored the snowy Cedars looking for animal tracks. Then, of course, a snowman had to be built. Year 3 enjoyed […]

1312, 2016

Year 3 Christmas Hats.

After a beautiful Christmas dinner and chocolate dessert, Year 3 enjoyed the tradition of showing off their Christmas hats. What a creative bunch! Well Done to Devon who won the prize for the best hat!

712, 2016

Year 3 Victorian Christmas Assembly.

What a fantastic performance 3D gave this morning. They all worked so hard on their lines. In the process the children also learnt alot about the experiences of Victorian children, that we will build upon […]

112, 2016

Year 3 Trip to Sudbury.

Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous day out at Sudbury’s Museum of Childhood to support our work in History on the Victorians. The Victorian school teacher was very strict, as you can see from the photographs. […]

2811, 2016

Year 3’s Own Assembly.

This morning most of Main Prep were getting ready for exams. Our Monday morning assembly usually takes place in the school room with the whole of Main Prep. However, the school room was […]

1411, 2016

Year 3 Science. Animal Detectives.

Today we looked very closely at different animal skulls in our Science lesson. We were particularly  interested in the animals teeth. We worked out what diet the animals ate, if they were herbivores, […]

1011, 2016


In PSHCE we been considering our school value of the month Happiness. We have created a display for the rest of the school to view whilst waiting for lunch. Each day a Year 3 pupil […]

3110, 2016

Year 3 Make A Food Pyramid.

This morning Year 3 got straight back to work after the half term holiday, organising food into the different food groups during our Science lesson. We then made our own food pyramid. We […]

1310, 2016

Year 3 Handwriting Competition

The Year 3 handwriter winner is Charlotte Rees, with runners up Emily Hurst and Isabella Furness.  The standard of handwriting in Year 3 is so good, that Mrs Davies has decided to enter Year 3 for […]

1310, 2016

The Mysterious Midnight Man

This week in English Year 3 have had a special visit from a Mysterious Midnight Man.  He left us a number of his precious possessions in his glittering bag. First out of the bag was […]

410, 2016

Zapper The Alien Lands At DCPS

In English today Year 3 continued our work on writing instructions.

In our pairs and step-by-step, we wrote a set of instructions explaining to Zapper the Alien how to put on a Denstone College Prep School […]

2209, 2016

History in the Making for Year 3

This week the pupils have shared my love of History. We started our History lessons making a ‘pupil timeline’ covering historical events. The pupils were given the task of arranging the events in chronological order, […]

1609, 2016

Year 3 and 4 Buddies In The Cedars

Year 3 & 4 have been meeting in the Cedars for a number of valuable buddy sessions. We started with a fun game, pretending to be either an egg,  a chicken, a dinosaur, a prince […]

2505, 2016

Year 3 Treak Cliff Cavern Trip

Year Three Trip to Treak Cliff Cavern near Castleton

As parents and children in Year Three know, our science topic this term has been about rocks and soils. Today the children and staff in Year […]

1305, 2016

Year 3 Exploding Volcanoes.

Today in Science we mixed ingredients to create a chemical reaction. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to Chemistry,.

Volcanoes fits nicely into our Rock and Soils Science topic and after all the pupil’s hard work with […]