The U9 team made a visit to Leicestershire on the 14th and were well beaten, despite their valiant efforts.

The game was played in quarters enabling all nine of the Smallwood Y4 girls to play at least half a match in a variety of positions. Such a large grassy pitch seemed a little daunting and it wasn’t long before Isabelle Ast. (probably speaking on behalf of the team) was asserting that she was ‘pooped’.

Smallwood lost the toss but that didn’t deter Zara who, as quick as lightning, immediately stole the ball from the opposition on their first push back. Indeed, at centre forward, she ran fast and worked hard throughout her stint on the pitch. In fact everyone gave 100%. Captain Katy threw herself enthusiastically into the action, busying herself in lots of tackles. Millie, at the back, improved as she went along, tackling bravely and following up her attempted clears to the side. Isabelle Ash. saw more of the action once at centre half and made some lovely strong passes into space. Hema held her position on the wing brilliantly but unfortunately saw little of the ball as it spent a good deal of its time in the Smallwood half! Emily tried hard to clear the ball at sweeper and Ellie displayed some intelligent play at left back, making some well-timed interventions and attempted passes to Su En at left wing. Su En for her part showed promising skills, turning constantly with the ball and attempting to pass the ball to Zara.

Heart attack moment of the match came in the final quarter when Grace Dieu looked certain to score again with a powerful shot at goal only for Isabelle Ast. to make a fantastic stop on the goal line.

It was a valiant effort by every member of the team but obviously quite a few areas still need concerted practice!

Grace Dieu 8 – 0 Smallwood