Smallwood Manor: 17    14: The Elms

Smallwood Manor Under 11s travelled to The Elms with an U11 team that looked so very different to the team that first played together as under 8s.  Smallwood lost the toss and were put into bat, however, this did not phase team Smallwood.  Captain Abi, taking centre stage as the first batter to enter the batting box, soon set the tone for the match; leading by example, Abi scored a rounder from the opening ball of the game.  Many more contributions from the team were to follow with: Ella P scoring 5 rounders; Gaby 3 rounders; Caitlin 2½; Poppy F adding 1½ rounders; Olivia and Jenny both contributing a rounder each; Allie ½ rounder and Abi adding a further 1½ giving them a cumulative score of 17 rounders.

When Smallwood took to the field Ella H was consistently accurate with her bowling and Rebecca superb in the field recovering the ball and returning swiftly to the posts for Jenny, Abi and Allie to catch out and stump many players.  Despite this being the first day back after the Easter holidays for The Elms, they were consistent with their effort and positive attitude, enthusiastic throughout and remained highly competitive scoring a total of 14 rounders which made for a wonderful afternoon of competitive sports.

Girl of the Game: Ella H for her brilliant bowling.