Smallwood Manor: 8      6: Lichfield Cathedral School

Smallwood Manor visited Lichfield Cathedral School in an under 11/10 combined match.  After losing the toss (Smallwood wrongly opting for the left hand to be holding the leaf when it was in fact in the right) Lichfield decided to take the first centre pass but a key interception lead to a turnover in the play and a rapid first quarter saw Smallwood dictate play and take a commanding 4-2 lead thanks to great play from Caitlin at centre, 3 quick goals from Abi at GA and a fourth goal from Olivia at GS.  A few positional switches at the change moved Poppy F to GD and her continuous interceptions limited Lichfield to 2 further goals, however, 2 more goals from Olivia allowed Smallwood to maintain their 2 goal advantage.

The third quarter saw Gaby remaining steadfast in defence and Isabella S at GK steady the back line to prevent any goals from Lichfield but a further goal from Olivia and 1 from Camilla at GA left Smallwood leading 8-4 at the end of the third.  The final quarter saw Lichfield score 2 final goals to bring the deficit back to 2 but super interceptions from Iona at GK and continuous great play from Emilia at WA ensured Smallwood protected their 2 goal cushion, to end the game with an 8-6 victory.

Girl of the Game: Iona