U9A and U9B Hockey v Yarlet – 5th December

Yarlet U9B 0


Yarlet U9A 4


The under 9 teams had a superb finish to the hockey term. Finally all the work they had been putting in throughout the term came to the fore as the U9Bs brilliantly overcame tricky opposition and the U9As worked so hard and well together. Firstly the girls quickly had to adapt to the difficulties of the different pitch. Every single girl put in all of their effort and made some brilliant tackles and interceptions, were full of running and gave it their all. They were looking up, spotting their passes and passing into space, quick to the ball, calling, and really working together as a team. Every girl shone in their position. Whilst one team won and the other unfortunate to lose, the development of the girls from their first lesson and matches of the term was so clear to see. A brilliant display from U9s!!

Girl of the Game: too difficult to pick as everyone put in their best effort and did so well! They really were ‘a team’ together!! They were all girl of the game:

Imogen – making the wonderful quick passes achieving her target and scoring her goal.

Heidi – brilliant interceptions, movement up and down the wings and her accurate passing.

Evie – excellent running all over the pitch in both matches, passing, being a real team player and scoring a goal.

Josephine – brilliant at the back, cutting out so many dangerous balls.

Ellen – fantastic control of her stick and the ball making some fantastic passes.

Holly – brilliant movement around the pitch and scoring a goal.

Beatrice – fantastic movement, always looking to receive the ball and just unlucky due to Yarlets great defence.

Lydia – fantastic effort and having to correct positioning throughout.

Isabella – superb movement, intercepting, stick control, a brilliant game captaining the U9B, leading by example

Emily – fantastic positioning, holding her position on the wings and always being free to receive the ball.

Tilly – fantastic despite being left exposed at times as Yarlet make quick attacks. Brilliant co-ordination to stop many goals, and wonderful accurate passing.

Charlotte – wonderful effort and movement. Very unlucky as her effort deserved much more reward.

Katie – fantastic movement, calling for the ball and fearless tackling at times. Again deserved more from all her effort!

So very well done year 3 & 4 girls. An immensely proud Miss B!