This had to be one of the most exciting and breathless games of hockey ever! In the first half the ball whizzed from one end to the other as goal after goal was scored. By half time Smallwood had just managed to edge their way into the lead 4-3.

Things calmed down a little in the second half; perhaps all the girls had just worn themselves out! Smallwood remained more solid in defence. Isabella S., as sweeper, made some fine clears to the sides whilst Olivia A. and Holly made some crucial tackles. Smallwood’s forward line up of Camilla (captain), Alicia and Rebecca were a continual threat. Goal of the match probably came from Rebecca who made a fine run from the right and, as the GK approached, managed a clean strike just inside the near post through the smallest of gaps. Brilliant.

Special mention must go to Poppy M. who scored her first ever goal for Smallwood. Well done Poppy!

Terra Nova 3 – 6 Smallwood Manor