U11 Swimming gala v St Bedes

Denstone Prep hosted St Bedes in a change to the advertised calendar with St Bedes bringing their under 13s and under 12s and Denstone Prep calling on the under 11 boys to help complete their teams.

St Bedes got off to a strong start by winning the Individual Medley event but the sight of Lexie B just getting in the pool and having a go at the event was so pleasing to see. After further individual events in backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and front crawl, where Captain Sophie H and Oliver M were particularly strong, the team of Pippa B, Jess B, Isabel B, Lola B, Lexie B, Jack B-P, Matthew D, Amber D, Austin H, George H, Amelia L, Celeste L, Faith M, Henry M, Imogen V, Jake W and Sophie T who all gave their very best in every race and produced some really terrific swims throughout the afternoon was a sight to behold. Denstone Prep finished the gala strongly with the front crawl relay, however, whilst it was the swimming that we had all gone to see, it was the spirit of sportsmanship that won out as the girls and boys of Denstone Prep cheered equally loudly for both schools.

St Bedes expressed what wonderful sportsmanship Denstone Prep children showed throughout the afternoon and as a member of staff to see the children show such great sportsmanship made me smile with pride throughout. We really do have some terrific children at our school!

Girl of the Gala: Celeste L for leading the team with her cheering and constant sportsmanship and support for both teams throughout.

Boy of the Gala: Matthew D for despite not being strong in a particular stroke was willing to have a go and give his best at it.