Under 9 Netball v OVS

The Under 9 girls put on a superb performance of netball in the comfort of Willows Indoor leisure centre. Whilst it took some time to adapt to the soft, quick surface they had never played on before, the girls did not let this hinder them from putting on a terrific performance.

OVS won the toss and quickly mounted their first attack leading to a goal giving them an early lead in the game.  Pleasingly, from going 1-0 down, the girls of Denstone Prep rallied and got themselves working together with the  defensive team of Belle, Su Shan and Verity H working together to smother OVS attacks and get the ball moving forward. Super link up play with Darcie and Caoimhe both full of movement all over the Court to quickly pass the ball into the attacking ‘D’ to give our shooters Daisy and Isla shots on goal was, at times, just simply untouchable.

A full rotation of the team saw defenders swapped to bring Esther B, Cleo and Verity B into the game, who like the defenders before them constantly broke down OVS attacks and released the ball back up the Court for DCPS attacks. Tilly D coming into attack and Phoebe moving to shooter kept the team fully effective with their shots on goal. A quite bad injury to Darcie saw her temporarily withdrawn but Verity B slipped seamlessly into her place at Centre ensuring the pace up and down the Court was not lost.

Darcie, having recovered was re-introduced to the game late on and her and Caoimhe’s work to again feed the shooters saw Denstone Prep take their opportunities better than OVS to convert their shots on goal with  Daisy finishing with 8 goals, a sublimely superb shot from 4 feet away from Phoebe put her on the scoresheet and a final goal from Isla gave Denstone Prep a 10 – 4 victory over OVS.

Girl of the Game: Caoimhe for her willingness to run all over the court and get free to receive the ball.