The U9’s – Tuesday 20th September – St Anselm’s AWAY 6-7 Denstone Win!

The boys showed great team work and Mr Genders had them well drilled in passing down the line during their attack, and forming a defensive line whilst defending. This proved to be a success with the first two tries being scored very quickly and the opposition being reformed off the side line by their coach.  By half time the team were well ahead but St Anselm’s responded in the second half with an exchange of strong running, leading to a tight finish.  The final score was favourable to Denstone and the boys enjoyed their match tea of chips and sausage roll having a well-deserved smile on their red faces.

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The U10’s Rugby v St Anselm’s Result 4 tries each (draw)

The U10’s Rugby against St Anselm’s produced a very competitive and evenly fought match, which resulted in a 4 tries each draw. The first half saw DCPS start positively and we managed to retain the ball for good periods of possession, but a few missed tackles and being slower at the ruck allowed St Anselm’s creep into a 3-1 lead at half time. Regrouping in the second half saw the boys put more pressure on the St Anselm’s ball carriers. We were defensively much more organised and passed the ball in open play much more to keep the game alive. Both teams really exploited the space well, but we ran in another 3 tries in the second half, whilst conceding only the single try ourselves. The boys deserved the draw and already they can see the benefits of rucking quicker and making sure the ball is moved away quickly from the contact area. Well done.

The U11’s – Wednesday 21st September – St Anselm’s HOME 1-5 Denstone Win!

After last year’s white wash against ‘the giants of Bakewell’, the boys reluctantly headed down to the pitch to face their first HOME match of the season.  A punchy reminder of low tackling and to ‘man up’ off Mr Kelly soon concentrated their minds.  The match of three twenty minute thirds was well supported by Parents.  The boys were quick to attack with a fantastic demonstration of rugby technique that was practised during the school holiday rugby camp led by Mr Kelly.  The boys have clearly learnt some useful set moves from the kick off, which meant they worked as a team with all players having key individual roles to play.  The boys struggled to ruck during the match, but this was identified and problem solved during open play resulting in the opposition being penalised several times for off side.   A good start to the rugby season for the U11’s.

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