Edenhurst:          9

Denstone Prep:   1

The Under 10 netballers made their Lent 2015 debut away at Edenhurst School and not only were they up against opponents that had had a terms head start in netball, they were also up against a mix of severe weather conditions with strong winds, freezing cold conditions, rain, sleet, and even hail at one point!  Still, this did not dampen the enthusiasm and determination of the under 10s.

Ellie Rowcliffe proudly wore the captains armband for the first time and successfully completed her first duty by winning the toss and deciding to take the first centre pass. Denstone Prep made some good passes but the extra experience of Edenhurst soon started to show with slick passing and movements up and down the court and great accuracy by their shooters in the ‘D’.

With marking clearly a skill that needs a lot more work, by the end of the third quarter the game was very much over with Edenhurst amassing an unassailable 9-0 lead.  However, this did not stop the determination of the Denstone Prep girls.   Lola Blake (C); Isabelle Astoin (WA) and Katy Naylor (WD) were terrific throughout making some inspired interceptions and Milli Fryer (GD) was superb at recovering the ball from Edenhurst’s missed shots.  Her recovery of the ball and swift pass out of the ‘D’ to Katy, Lola, and Isabelle Astoin in a good passing movement before Isabelle Ashby (GA) was able to find Captain Ellie (GS) just inside the ‘D’ gave Denstone Prep one final chance.  Ellie remained calm and confident to take a shot from 5 feet from the post to proudly give Denstone Prep a late goal and a fine reward for all of their endless effort throughout the match.

Girl of the Game: Ellie for great captaincy and a superb shot from distance for a late consolation goal.