For me, one of the most important events of the school year took place last Friday when we held our Remembrance Service at the end of our chapel service. Even though Armistice Day was the following day, we had to observe it and did so with a short, but very moving service that involved the whole school, right down the two year olds.

The chapel was packed, with so many parents, grandparents and uncles and aunts present and including Isla’s cousin, who at just a few months old was attending his very first Remembrance Service and observed the two minutes’ silence impeccably!

We started our service with a lovely poppy song from the Pre-prep. Two children in Year 4 then read out the role of honour, former pupils and masters from our school who died in the First World War. We then held our two minutes’ silence, Zach played The Last Post and Ben and Hannah recited the four lines from Laurence Binyon’s wonderful poem, “For The Fallen”, with everyone echoing the last line, “We Will Remember Them”.

Each year it becomes more important that we remember the sacrifices that so many people have made in the past, because each year takes us just a little further away from the Great War, after which we started to remember the fallen. Next year sees the centenary of the end of the war and I have no doubt that this will be suitably commemorated, both across the country and in our school.

Max’s Amazing Achievement

I was delighted to be able to award Max Webber his Level 5 LAMDA certificate last week. This is the first time that Mrs Beetham has coached a child of Max’s age to this level, which is the equivalent to GCSE. For a child of just ten years old to be performing material that is aimed at sixteen year olds is quite extraordinary.

Jerry Gear