It was an absolute delight this morning to sit in on Reception’s Mothers’ Day assembly. It always amazes me when I hear children as young as four speak with such confidence in public and the content of the assembly was a perfect combination of humour and the more serious side of such a special day. Every single child clearly enjoyed what they were doing and delivered their lines flawlessly. I suspect that we shall have some very lucky mothers on Sunday, and it is important to recognise just how much our mothers help us throughout the year, not just on Mothering Sunday. Nonetheless, this was a lovely assembly and prefect preparation for what is a very special day.

Every week I spend an hour with two different classes, helping the teachers as an extra assistant, understanding how the children learn and getting to know them a little better. Today I changed out of my suit and went into the Nursery. Changing is a prerequisite when you work with children of this age, as you tend to be sitting on the floor quite a bit and this morning was no exception as we heard some of the children tell us about objects they had brought into school and then answer questions from their friends about this. Then we went outside for a Forest School activity and ended up building houses for all sorts of animals and insects, from dinosaurs to bees and jellyfish to kangaroos. Watching small children so absorbed in the activity, I couldn’t help thinking how lucky we are to have all of this space outside. The children really enjoyed being out in the open air, letting their imagination run riot and they designed some really original homes for the creatures of their choice. It was a fantastic experience for all of them.

Jerry Gear 11.iii.15