Woodard 1000 Voices Concert, Birmingham Symphony Hall

Woodard 100 Voices concert Denstone College Prep School

On Saturday 11th February all Year 6 choir members joined approximately 750 other Woodard students at the Woodard 1000 Voices Concert at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.

We went to Birmingham for the whole day and learnt many different songs and practised different techniques and styles of music from a Swedish Folksong and a Zimbabwe Wedding March, to singing Please Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna and also Rolling in The Deep by Adele. It was brilliant getting to sing so many different styles of music in the same concert.

Our conductors name was Dominic Peckham. He has worked with orchestras from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, The Scottish Symphony Orchestra and many more. Recently he appeared in BBC 2 as lead mentor for ‘The Naked Choir’ with Gareth Malone and has published a book entitled “Inspire your Choir”.  When we first started singing he actually didn’t talk to us for the first 20 minutes and only used actions and sounds for our warm up. All we got was a bunch of “mmmmmmmmmm’s and arrrgggghhhhhhhh’s” but that was ok. He then told us afterwards how we all knew what to do because everybody in the world knows what singing is, even if they are not very good everyone knows what it is and how to do it. Dominic was extremely good at boosting our confidence. He persuaded some people to sing on their own. There were a few people who really didn’t want to sing in front of everyone but they did and ended up singing solos in the concert that night. Dominic was really kind and motivating.

That night, after a full hard day of singing we finally reached the concert. The concert was about 45 minutes long where we sang 7 very different songs. It was really nerve racking as the whole Symphony Hall was FULL! But everything went as planned and everyone sang really well. Dominic even managed to get the audience involved, doing the stretches and warm up exercises we did. IT was an amazing experience and a brilliant day!

Written by Henry White