One of my main targets for this term is to try to get to know DCPS as quickly as possible and as comprehensively as I can. This really means getting to know all of the people within the school as you are what makes us what we are. To that end I have given the children in Main Prep questionnaires to complete this week and will be sending a survey home with the newsletter for all parents to complete as well. These, coupled with a similar exercise that I have already completed with the staff and individual meetings held with them as well will all help to give me a clear picture of what makes DCPS the school that it is.
It is already very clear that the children receive an excellent education here. They achieve very high academic standards, as demonstrated in their SATS results and the number of scholarships obtained each year, but there is a great deal more to education than academic results, as we all know and the quality of the music, sport, art and drama here, together with the wide range of extra-curricular activities and the beautiful setting combine to provide a series of opportunities that would be hard to beat. Our aim is to add to these over the coming terms, while not diluting the very high standards that we are currently achieving. The outdoor classroom is a fantastic starting point for this and I very much hope that parents of pupils in Years 1 and 2 will take advantage of the family session that we shall be running there on Saturday 4th October to see just how much potential there is here. There will be opportunities for parents in other areas of the school to attend sessions there over the course of the year.
Finally I would like to introduce a book club this term for staff, parents & friends. We would meet from 8.00 – 9.30 on Wednesday evenings, initially in school, but thereafter possibly at each other’s houses or even the pub, depending on the preferences of those present! The first book I’d like to look at is The Snow Goose” and “The Small Miracle”, two short stories by Paul Gallico. I’ve deliberately chosen a short book so we can try it out and see how we feel about it. If you are interested do please let me know and I will then get back to you with a start date!
Jeremy Gear