Arty-Fact Theatre Visit -Tuesday 4th October

Today we had two visitors from the Arty-Fact Theatre come to visit DCPS.  The whole school from Year 1-6 came along  to watch and were in for a treat.  There were two actors who acted out an informative drama production as Mrs E. Tree and Mr Mans. The production was set around an old library and Mrs Tree was a writer who needed help to find some inspiration to write a mystery book, Mr Mans was the Assistant Librarian.  The children were introduced to the library Duey Decimal System (without even knowing it!) and some children came out of the audience to participate in this part of the production.  We learnt about Homer’s “Iliad”, Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” and these were brought to life by the actors with some singing, witches from the audience (Dan, Joe and Tilly) as well as a puppet playing the part of Oliver.  The actors brought along some fun, shocks, clever props and a mysterious ending to their play, which I hope the children will be able to tell you about. They then went on to give the Year 6 a special acting workshop.

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