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Sharing Sweets!

Pre-Prep have enjoyed lots of activities based on the poem 'What A Noise Last Night!' which describes a cats' party on the roof of a house. They have made fantastic cats, created invitations, written menus and composed cat kennings. They have also solved mathematical problems involving multiplication and division. Here they are sharing the sweets [...]

April 26th, 2015|

Music Making!

What better way to end a week of sound experiments than to spend time playing musical instruments, finding out what vibrates and generally making a lot of happy noise! Superb week, Pre-Prep 2! Great science and poems about sound!

April 19th, 2015|

Sound Experiments 2

Pre-Prep 2 enjoyed discovering that sound can travel through different materials. They were superb at designing their own experiments and there was a lot of finding out 'what happens if ......' Great ideas, experimenting and listening!

April 19th, 2015|

Sound Experiments 1

Pre-Prep 2 continued their science work on sound by finding out that, although they cannot see sounds, they can feel the vibrations that sounds make. They also discovered that sounds can be high or low!

April 19th, 2015|

Sensational Sounds!

Pre-Prep 2 have been investigating sounds and how we hear. They had great fun assembling a giant model of the ear and finding out about vibrations. The tuning fork was a source of enormous amusement! The children felt the prongs vibrate and made the water splash!

April 19th, 2015|

Fantastic Posters

Pre-Prep worked very hard over the Easter holidays researching an animal from New Zealand and producing a poster to tell people about that animal. The results were superb and the children were justly proud of their work. They enjoyed showing the rest of the class their poster and telling everyone their favourite fact. All the [...]

April 14th, 2015|

Pre-Prep Easter Assemblies

The Pre-Prep led two wonderful assemblies in chapel this week. All the children had worked hard to prepare songs,  poems, facts and a play about Easter. Nursery started with a lovely song about a chick pecking its way out of its egg.  Reception recited a funny poem about eating a chocolate rabbit whilst Pre-Prep 1 [...]

March 19th, 2015|

Baffling Birds from New Zealand

Pre-Prep 2 have created some very difficult games! They wrote game cards giving clues to the identity of birds from New Zealand and then played competitively against each other. If your partner guessed the bird correctly, he/she took one of your counters BUT if they were wrong, you took one of their counters! It was [...]

March 14th, 2015|

Rainbow Machines

Pre-Prep 2 had lots of challenges last week! One of the challenges was to design and create a rainbow machine - the next challenge was to write instruction books for the machines! The children liked the idea of using bossy language to give people clear instructions! After completing their machines and booklets, the children swapped [...]

March 8th, 2015|

Time Travelling

Pre-Prep 2 started their project on New Zealand by travelling back in time to the the 18th century to find out what Captain James Cook would have done as a child! Everyone experienced the boys' life in the classroom and then tried to learn the household skills that the girls would have been taught! The [...]

March 1st, 2015|
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