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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Week 3 Cricket Team Sheets

U10 v Grace Dieu – Weds 10th May

U11 v Grace Dieu – Weds 10th May

May 8th, 2017|

Forest School – Habitats

Last week Year 4 incorporated their Forest School learning and Science lesson into an outdoor session all about their topic, ‘Habitats’.

In four groups, the children explored the grounds of Smallwood Manor looking for organisms and examining their habitats.  We looked at small bugs and creatures lurking in the undergrowth and up in branches and trees […]

May 8th, 2017|

Shakespeare Outside

In a Year 6 English lesson, we completed some drama activities in the outdoor classroom. The scene was Macbeth’s return to the witches where three apparitions emerged from the fire pit. The pupils’ performances were fantastic and they coped extremely well with Shakespeare’s language challenges.

May 6th, 2017|

Making Houses!

Pre-Prep 1
​Pre-Prep 1 have had so much fun making their houses.  They have really had to think about suitable materials and how to attach them to their house.  The children have also enjoyed writing their own story of The Three Little Pigs and designed a WANTED poster for the Big Bad Wolf! Super work Pre-Prep […]

May 6th, 2017|

Animals & Mini Beasts!

This term the Smallwood Pre-School children have been looking at animals in the Squirrels’ Room and mini beasts in The Owls’ Room for our topics. The Squirrels enjoyed making animal biscuits and were really delighted with the finished products. They were also really tasty!























In the Owls’ Room we have been […]

May 6th, 2017|

County Cricket Player

Lola, a Year 6 student, has been playing cricket for the past 3 years for Clifton Cricket club near Ashbourne. She trains once a week during Summer and Winter with the club. Lola has played in the U11 hard ball team (being the only girl) for the past 2 years.  Last year Clifton nominated Lola […]

May 6th, 2017|

Magnification Lesson

Year 6 have been using the power of the sun combined with the magnification of glass to create FIRE! The children had to use minute movements to focus the sun into a very powerful spot from which they were able to create fire and burn words into wood. Water buckets were on hand but were […]

May 6th, 2017|

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Year 6 have been learning all about Shakespeare this term. Their super projects are on display in reception for you all to see. Tyra built a theatre with a working light rig, complete with the three witches (bottom right). We have such creative and imaginative children here at DCPS.

May 6th, 2017|

Spanish in PP2

Pre-Prep 2 have also started their Spanish lessons with señora Green and have had fun learning their numbers with Chico the monkey. The children have used their knowledge of Spanish numbers to help them locate Chico the monkey who hid in various locations around the classroom. Dónde está Chico? Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, […]

May 6th, 2017|

Mini Farm Experience

The Smallwood Pre-School children are learning about different animals this term and so this week they enjoyed a fabulous hands-on experience when we had a mini farm come to visit! There was lots of excitement and chatter as the children stroked the animals and described how each animal felt to touch.  Many thanks to Mrs […]

May 6th, 2017|
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